Work Plus, Inc. offers individuals with disabilities a variety of employment, day programming and case management services designed to meet individual needs. Employment Services Job Development and Direct Placement. For individuals who require minimal assistance after securing employment.

On-Site Training, assisting the employee with a disability in learning and performing the job and adjusting to the work environment. For individuals who require more than minimal assistance to learn the job but not for long term intervention.

Supported Employment provides ongoing support for individuals with severe disabilities to maintain employment. This involves long-term job coaching and coordination of activities in an integrated work environment. As the employee gains skills and confidence the job coach gradually spends less time at the worksite but support is never completely removed. Case Management and Support Coordination Work Plus Case Managers work with individual clients, families, and other referral sources to develop programs and identify appropriate community resources. Case Managers assess individual needs, then broker services offering appropriate resources. Case Managers assist families with home programming, transportation arrangements benefits support, job support, and other beneficial community services. The goal of Work Plus Inc. programming is to increase independence, individual participation in the community, and social interaction. We work with individuals to incorporate personal and responsible choices and activities, continually adjusting and revising programming to allow for independence.